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You can download all upjers games that are already available in upjers Home here:

For Windows - The upjers Home EULA applies.

What Is upjers Home?

upjers Home allows you to download games for free: thanks to latest technology, you can enjoy your favorite browser games as a download on your personal computer.

We’re more than prepared for the end of the Flash Player. With upjers Home, we’re giving you an overview of all upjers download games – right on your own PC! Effective immediately, you can play your beloved classics in a future-proof way. At the same time, you’ll enjoy double upjers points when using upjers Home!

Your Perks at a Glance:

  • automatic updates
  • 100% secure
  • no Flash plugin required
  • double daily upjers points

Λήψη upjers Home

Για Windows, Mac, Linux. Οι όροι upjers Home EULA.
Χρειάζεσαι βοήθεια με την έκδοση Linux; Βρες τις ερωτήσεις και τις απαντήσεις στο φόρουμ.

upjers Download Games Are Free!

Just like the browser games, the Home Edition games are free. What are you waiting for? Download now and start playing!